• Detoxing Doesn't Have to Suck

    Ever talk to someone on a cleanse? Do they seem mean... perhaps a little snappy? Here are our tips for detoxing, while continuing on with your life a not burning any bridges. :)

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  • Water! You Know You Need It.

    Have you ever been in the sun for a while and then looked in the mirror and saw a slightly shriveled version of your former self? That’s dehydration and depletion of minerals/ electrolytes. We've got a few ideas & tips to keep you hydrated during this hot, hot summer!

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  • Let's Plant Our Own Food - Some Ideas, Opinions, & DIY

    There's a certain thrill in planting something, nuturing it into existence, and then watching it grow. Or maybe just for those of us who like to plant things! There are so many creative ways to have a garden, even in an apartment in the big city.

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  • Did You Know? A Quick Look at Vanilla Liquid Stevia

    Vanilla Liquid Stevia is a super easy way to lightly sweeten your morning coffee, tea, or smoothies. It's calorie-free and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients. Awesome!

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  • Make Dinner For Your Valentine

    A little home cooked food goes a long way. Here's a delightfully simple way to please your loved ones... it's a traditional recipe with a slight twist and the outcome is dang good.

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  • Beginner's Guide to Inconspicuously Working Out... at work.

    Working at an office doesn’t have to mean being stuck at your desk without an energizing workout plan.

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  • Healthy Ingredient Substitutions - Part 2

    We're kicking off the new year back in the Earth Shift kitchen, and we thought another edition to the healthy ingredient substitutions series is in order!  Once again, as we're putting together recipes, we said, “we need another chart!”

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  • Did You Know? A Quick Look at Chia Seeds

    Did you know... the Aztecs paid tribute to a select few powerful, life-giving foods, and this included the tiny, but quite remarkable, chia seed.  In this “did you know” we look at some of the qualities that made chia so revered by the Aztecs, and which we now know, are benefits for health and longevity...

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  • Healthy Ingredient Substitutions


    With the holidays rapidly approaching, we find ourselves in the Earth Shift kitchen, working on recipes almost every day.  We’re constantly looking up healthy substitutions for common ingredients, and we finally said, “we need a chart!” 

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  • IONIC MAGNESIUM: the trace minerals our bodies crave

    Our bodies thrive with the right balance of minerals... and we've got a perfectly simple way to get a serving of those minerals. Earth Shift Ionic Magnesium is super easy to use on a daily basis. We like to put a few drops in just about every beverage we drink. Bottoms up!

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  • Did You Know? A Quick Look at Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is an amazingly versatile product. One oil to rule them all.

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  • Did You Know? A Quick Look at Healthy Fats

    The fats we consume are vital to the overall health of our bodies... so let's eat the best kinds we can find!

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