EDTA Detox System

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  • Brand: KelaminHM
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  • Origin: USA

KelaminHM is a suppository that is primarily made up of Calcium Disodium EDTA and Cocoa Butter. It removes a wide range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead and Aluminum from the body. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that has a binding ability to heavy metals and after it binds to a metal, it is excreted out of the body through the urine and feces.  

Why a Suppository?

EDTA, the active ingredient, is a synthetic amino acid that needs to remain whole to be effective. When taken by mouth, about 95% of the EDTA will be destroyed by the acids in the stomach making it unusable. Getting EDTA via an IV, while effective, is very time consuming, expensive and potentially dangerous due to the high dosage. With a suppository, there is about a 95% absorption rate and no requirement for blood work to determine kidney and liver function as is required before getting IV EDTA treatments. The EDTA is absorbed through the colon wall and into the Hemmoroidal Veins. The middle and lower of these veins bypass the liver and kidneys on first pass metabolism but will be filtered out on the second pass. This gives the EDTA from a suppository about an 8hr half life, compared to 1 1/2 hours from an IV.  

  • EDTA Chelation has been the standard for toxic heavy metal detoxification for over 60 years.  
  • EDTA removes the widest range of toxic heavy metals of any product on the market today.
  • Since the EDTA in KelaminHM bypasses the liver and kidneys on first pass metabolism it places a smaller burden on these organs making it far safer than IV EDTA infusions.
  • KelaminHM saves quite a bit time over IV EDTA since insertion takes only a few seconds.
  • The EDTA in KelaminHM stays in your body up to times longer than from an IV making it more effective in the long run.
  • KelaminHM is absorbed directly into your circulatory system and bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract making it far more effective than Oral EDTA products.
  • KelaminHM can be used on your schedule making it very convenient.
  • Comparatively KelaminHM costs over 75% less than IV EDTA infusion.

Recommended Use:

  • Use once nightly (for at least 90 days); this will provide you with a good initial detoxification. Depending on your level of toxicity, you may need to extend nightly use to 180 days.
  • Insert one suppository nightly right before bedtime- this allows the EDTA to diffuse throughout your body while your metabolism is slowed, giving it more time to chelate. It is recommended that you use the suppository 2-3 hours after your last meal.
  • If possible, avoid a bowel movement for at least 2 hours after suppository insertion.
  • These suppositories will remove harmful heavy metals, and they will also bind with some essential minerals. It is strongly advised to utilize a good, natural multi-vitamin while chelating.
  • Vitamin/mineral supplementation should be separated from suppository use by 8 hours so that you are not removing what you are trying to replace. Make sure to drink plenty of mineralized water while chelating to assist in flushing metals from your body.

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