Get Cracking on Planting Your Summer Favorites

We've got several amazing choices for your edible summer garden.

Did You Know? A Quick Look at Activated Coconut Charcoal

Our Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder stands out from others. It goes through minimal refining processes which yield a higher pH level than typical activated charcoal powders. This means a higher grade product for you, internally and externally friendly, with the most toxin sucking goodness. Check out these specially formulated recipes designed to make you even more perfect!

Did You Know? A Quick Look at Cacao

It all starts with an organic, non-GMO cacao pod.

Everyday Detox Elixir & Chewy Granola Bars

Here are two basic recipes to make at home. One is an easy-to-make, water-based detox recipe. The other is a different take on granola. It's gluten free (but doesn't taste like cardboard) and all of the ingredients used are top of the line and unprocessed. Win-win.

Dark Side Chia Porridge Detox & Vegan Carrot Cake

Talk about a couple of recipes! Who doesn't love blogging about vegan treats with colon cleanses at the same time? Yes, it is an odd pairing, but trust us, you will appreciate the info. The vegan carrot cake cupcakes are so moist and amazing, you will definitely forget they're healthy. The porridge detox is subtle and can be disguised as a tasty breakfast food, so everyone can benefit.

Did You Know? A Quick Look at Fulvic Acid

Our Fulvic Acid Mineral Supplement has some serious benefits and is extremely easy to use.

Breakfast In Bed: Vegan Waffles & Protein OJ

When the weekend comes along, and you have a bit more time than usual… what’s better than breakfast in bed? Or what’s better than getting your loved ones to eat a wonderful, home cooked meal using healthy ingredients? It’s the simple things that make us at Earth Shift happy, so here is a simple way to enjoy your food... healthy style.

SWEET + FUNCTIONAL recipes you'll love

Here are three fantastic recipes that have a common ingredient: low glycemic sweeteners.

Did You Know? A Quick Look At Quinoa

Quinoa comes in many colors- and we have all 3 in one bag! Our tricolor quinoa is a perfect replacement for rice, and tastes great in any recipe that calls for grain.

DETOX + ELECTROLYTES: stay hydrated my friends

Our keys to hydration and remineralization: pure water + liquid minerals + limes + fulvic acid + solé salt.