Detoxing Doesn't Have to Suck

Sep 1, 2016 by Earth Shift

Ok, I don't like when people say "quick & dirty" to convey the "short & sweet", but here is the quick & dirty, short & sweet list of tips we have for you to keep you sweet and loving while detoxing. We can all admit it... sometimes detoxing is THE HARDEST thing to commit to in our daily routine. Let's take it slow, it's all mental, and will get easier with time. Here we go.

1. It doesn't have to be "all or nothing" when it comes to detoxing. Here is an example: if you feel a bit bloated from eating crap food... start with the salt. Eating out (especially at conventional restaurants) adds so much sodium intake just in one sitting. Eat at home 5 days in a row, and bring your meals to work. On top of saving money, you know what's in your food. And eat fresh stuff... fruits and vegetables.

2. Taper off the sugar for 7 consecutive days. Replace conventional sweeteners with low glycemic options (coconut palm sugar, agave syrup, or liquid stevia). If you already use low glycemic sweeteners, use less or none at all. If you're used to having some sort of juice everyday or you hit a wall and feel like having something other than water, make some hibiscus tea, which is very flavorful even when it's unsweetened.

3. Drink your dinner every other night for 7 consecutive nights. This will give your digestive tract a break, since live juice doesn't utilize bodily enzymes and has all of its nutritional value intact. If you don't have a juicer, buy some organic oranges and use them to make a glass of Ultimate Green Protein (it's just a scoop of Earth Shift Ultimate Green Protein, 4 oz of water, 4 oz fresh juice... & mix!)

4. Remove starches from your first and last meal for 7 consecutive days. Make your breakfast full of fresh fruit, vegan protein smoothies, or a couple handfuls of almonds or cashews. Make your dinner full of dark green veggies, mushrooms, sprouts... the list goes on. Drink lots of water because that's the key to making your body feel full when you're changing up your eating habits.

5. Take a probiotic everyday. Keeping your gut in tip-top shape is essential for your overall well being.

Try one of these suggestions above... You will absolutely feel better than when you started.

These are some things we do while detoxing:

- drink plenty of water all day long (always add a squeeze of lemon or ionic magnesium minerals)

- get plenty of rest, your body needs adequate time to repair itself and it will be much more efficient in doing so while you're detoxing, so give it all of the rest it needs

- exercise!!! whether it's walking your dog or strolling with your kids, or your secret guilty pleasure, pokemon go. we like to go rock climbing, it's like vertical yoga

- do some gwashing, it get's the blood up to the surface of your skin and helps your body to repair itself. we do it while watching TV at night... just grab some coconut oil and go limb by limb

- remember that being healthy is not just for ourselves, it's for others, too. we need to be healthy for our family, so that we can be good role models. plus, people who feel healthy and happy bring joy everywhere with them, it's just an awesome byproduct of feeling good