IONIC MAGNESIUM: the trace minerals our bodies crave

Aug 31, 2016 by Earth Shift

Our bodies thrive with the right balance of minerals... and we've got a perfectly simple way to get a serving of those minerals. Earth Shift Ionic Magnesium is super easy to use on a daily basis. We like to put a few drops in just about every beverage we drink. Bottoms up!

Why Ionic Magnesium? Well, the whopping 72 ionic trace minerals present in every drop is a good start! These minerals function as electrolytes and they make every sip of water (or other drink) that much more beneficial. Instead of drinking "dead" distilled water, which is stripped of all mineral content, we can add a few drops of minerals to make water that is alive and full of energy. So, even though we may have a reverse osmosis machine (or some kind water filtration in our homes) it is very important to remineralize the water we drink so that it's beneficial to our bodies. Minerals = health & proper hydration.

An easy way to get these concentrated minerals into your body:

Add 20-40 drops per gallon (2-4 drops per glass). We now have a complete and balanced spectrum of low sodium minerals and trace minerals in all of the water that we drink.