Let's Plant Our Own Food - Some Ideas, Opinions, & DIY

Sep 1, 2016 by Earth Shift

There's a lot to say these days about where our food really comes from. How many people labored away to get that food to your plate? Sometimes I think about it... and I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it. Let's say if your food comes from South America- it needs to be planted, watered, harvested, processed, transported, scrutinized (customs!), packaged, and then at some point we buy it in a store or a farmer's market, perhaps. That's a lot of steps. I think that it's important to have access to indigenous foods (like cacao) that grow in fertile soil somewhere far, far away, but what about the basics? Culinary herbs, fruit, vegetables? There are so many ways to grow these things ourselves, even if you don't have a plot of land (I don't!). It's cool and interesting to see companies that specialize in making relying on ourselves... convenient! Because I can say all sorts of things about wanting to do something "the old fashioned way", but will it really happen if I can't find a way to fit it into my life?

So now, I'm kind of on a quest to bring innovative ways (thought of by other people, of course) to incorporate living more simply and enjoying things like fresh herbs and vegetables that you grew yourself. Let's take a look at All Good Things Organic Seeds. They're a company that just wants you to have access to non-GMO seeds. They tell you exactly how to grow those seeds and they know precisely where those seeds came from (because they cultivated the plant themselves in a pristine part of Ojai, CA). It's amazing. If you have a small footprint of land that you want to designate as your organic, non-GMO crop- you should do it! If you don't have that land, there are so many nutritious herbs and smaller plants (like tomatoes) that can be grown upside down on your apartment balcony... yes, seriously. I have compiled a list of resources, if anyone who reads this is in any way interested... if you have any stellar resources to add, please comment and share!

A bit of DIY:

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