Did You Know? A Quick Look at Cacao

Aug 16, 2016 by Earth Shift

They say cocoa, we say cacao.

It all starts with an organic, non-GMO cacao pod. We separate the beans from the pod and the fermentation process begins. Beans are then dried, pressed (paste), chopped (nibs) or separated (butter and powder). Besides being delicious, they are packed with antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and full of energy. Cacao contains PEA (phenylethylamine), a chemical found to inspire a clear mind and happiness. “As above, so below,” that’s how we feel about it.

Here's a few of our favorite cacao recipes:

Coco-Shell ( fruit & dessert topping )

Candied Cacao Nibs ( dessert topping, trail mix ingredient )

Ice Blended Cacao ( dessert beverage )


Cacao Butter

 - moisturizer & massage oil

 - prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

 - key ingredient in making chocolate

Cacao Powder

 - energizing ingredient for protein smoothies

 - an energy/chocolate base for homemade coffee drinks

 - dusting desserts, drinks, & baked goods

Cacao Nibs

 - crunchy topping for desserts

 - energizing addition to trail mixes

Cacao Paste

 - chocolate desserts

 - melted chocolate toppings

Fun Facts:

The term "cocoa" came from a spelling mistake made in the 18th century by English chocolate importers, this is why we have both terms today.

A small piece of dark chocolate can help control your sense of hunger or feeling of fullness. The type of fat in cacao butter contains no cholesterol and is hard to absorb.

Cacao has phenylethylamine, which is very similar to the chemical released by the brain when people fall in love.

A cacao tree's flowers are pollenated by flies, not bees.

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