Did You Know? A Quick Look at Fulvic Acid

Aug 31, 2016 by Earth Shift

Our Fulvic Acid Mineral Supplement has some serious benefits and is extremely easy to use. It's hard to believe that over 72 fulvic plant minerals and about 120 servings are in our little 2 oz bottle. To top it off, it's also a potent electrolyte and antioxidant. You only need a few drops of this premium super concentrate to reap major benefits. Sound too good to be true? Check out a few of the many benefits below:

- High in antioxidants and electrolytes

- Aids digestion and helps absorb nutrients from food

- Helps maintain a beneficial bacteria balance with native probiotics and prebiotics that remain in the digestive system

- Increases efficiency of water-cell absorption, which leads to balanced hydration and mineral levels

- Assists in chelation (removing heavy metals from your body)

 Fun Facts:

- Depending on a cell's need for electro-chemical balance, fulvic acid can be a electron donor or acceptor.

- Fulvic acid is made of once living, prehistoric organic matter.

- Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of fulvic acid can help heal wounds.

- Mineral concentration in water can reach higher levels when fulvic acid is added.

P.S. We made some fulvic-hibiscus popsicles this week. yum.