Water! You Know You Need It.

Sep 1, 2016 by Earth Shift

Everyone needs water. Some don’t actually like to drink it, but we all know we need to have it in order to survive. I like to drink water, now more than ever because I’ve made a realization (a little late, but no matter)… water makes humans look and feel better. Have you ever been in the sun for a while and then looked in the mirror and saw a slightly shriveled version of your former self? That’s dehydration and depletion of minerals/ electrolytes. Yes, I’m sure I am speaking common sense to all reading this, but you would be very surprised at the amount of chronic dehydration happening in the U.S. … a “first world” country. Really, if you go out to dinner, just look around and notice that no one drinks water. For the most part, it’s some kind of carbonated sugar (tasty, but not water) or alcohol. The only place I see water being consumed more than anywhere else is a gym environment. That’s not enough! Anyway, besides my small rant, I’d like to share the ways that I have tried to get more water into my body.

A couple of notes:

• If you have a reverse osmosis machine, steam distiller, etc., you should “remineralize” your water (add lemon, liquid minerals, or a pinch of Himalayan salt) because water machines are meant strip everything out of water, giving you a clean slate to work with. It is necessary to add good minerals back to your water so that your body can utilize it.
• Bottled water is (for the most part) void of any health benefits, plus it may taste like plastic from being transported in hot lorries for hundreds of miles.
• Starting your day off with 8-16 oz of water is extremely beneficial. Consuming water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) revs your metabolism, helps to flush out toxins, and staves off that morning hunger pang we all know and love.

And here are some things I try to do to make sure I drink enough water throughout the day:

• When you wake up, walk straight to the kitchen… fill a tall glass with water and some lemon or minerals… and drink until you drain it. You will absolutely feel more energized and alert, even though you just woke up. Starting off your day dehydrated will make you way hungrier (and possibly grumpier), so use the first couple of minutes of your day to feel good!
• Take it with you everywhere. I have a glass swingtop bottle that is constantly filled to the brim with fresh, mineralized water. Never put yourself in a position where you’re thinking “wow I’m so thirsty… oh that sugary drink looks amazing!!!”
• Bring a jug of water to work. I have a 20oz mason jar that I just keep refilling all day. I bring my own water from home in a Stumptown Coffee growler that I originally bought some tasty cold brew coffee in. If you have fresh water on hand while you’re working, you’ll stay hydrated and more focused… plus you don’t have to buy (most likely crappy/ overpriced) bottled water from a vending machine.