BGA + Spirulina Powder

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This awesome 50/50 blend of BGA + Spirulina is full of minerals and plant protein. Add a heaping teaspoon to your favorite smoothie or fresh juice!

Blue Green Algae (BGA)

  • Blue Green Algae (BGA) offers a complexity of bio-available nutrients that can not be duplicated. Specifically, it contains 20 antioxidants, 68 minerals, and 70 trace elements, all amino acids (essential and non-essential), as well as important enzymes. It also contains 68% protein (glycoprotein), which is 98% assimilable by the body. Other green foods are considered lipoproteins, which are mostly inassimilable.  
  • BGA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aguae or AFA) offers a maximum of crucial micronutrients at a minimum caloric intake, making it one of the most nutrient-dense super foods on the planet.
  • Contains all 14 vitamins
  • High content of vitamin A
  • Highest content of B vitamins
  • Vitamin K (100% RDA/gr)
  • Spectrum of 15 carotenoids
  • More than 60 organic minerals and trace minerals
  • High content of iron (30% RDA/gr.)
  • Iodine (10% RDA/gr.)
  • Good source of Omega-3
  • Vitamin B12: crucial for all vegan/vegetarian diets. 


  • This is a green algae that promotes the oxygenation of blood cells.
  • Contains more bio-chelated organic iron than any other whole-food meaning iron will easily be assimilated into the body.
  • Rich in beta-carotene for cell protection.
  • Contains vitamin B1 (thiamine) & B2.

Size: 16 oz


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