Dried Dulse Flakes

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  • Dulse flakes and are great sprinkled into salads, grain dishes, soups, or stir-fries — anywhere you want that distinctive sea-salty flavor.  
  • This dulse is hand-harvested from remote Gulf of Maine bays at the peak of nutrition and taste (early summer to early fall.) All of our dulse products undergo annual OCIA organic inspection for handling and harvesting, as well as voluntary testing for heavy metal, chemical and microbiological contaminants.  
  • Rich in nutrients: Like all sea vegetables, dulse is an excellent source of iodine. It also contains a significant amount of protein compared to land vegetables. It's rich in iron (10% DV/serving) and a good source of some of the B-vitamins. 
  • Organic & raw.   

Size: 8 oz


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