Farewell Fungus Salve

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The ‘anti-septic’ and ‘anti-fungal’ properties of plants we apply in herbal medicine are borrowed from the plant’s own ability to keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Foot fungus is an especially stubborn variety. Herbs like black walnut, chaparral, thuja and usnea ain’t fooled by the fungus’ empty promises of flight from feet! In a salve, the herbs are infused in oil, making the product especially good for the dry and itchy variety of fungus- Athlete's foot being at the top of that list. The oil soothes the dry and cracking parts of the skin while delivering the kick in the pants to the offending fungi. The Farewell Fungus Salve can also be used for fungus on other parts of the bod and would be great for stinkers like ringworm.

Ingredients: sunflower oil*, wildcrafted usnea, black walnut hull*, goldenseal leaf*, beeswax, essential oils of tea tree* & thuja*

Size: 2 oz