Small Fermentation Crock

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Make fermenting vegetables easier! This half gallon-size glass jar includes an airlock set-up which facilitates gas escaping your fermented vegetables while keeping air out. This allows you to make pickles, sauerkraut, and other fermented vegetables, fruits, and condiments, while greatly reducing and often eliminating the threat of mold.


  • Glass jar
  • Plastic lid fitted with a rubber grommet (BPA free)
  • Airlock
  • Large ceramic fermentation weight
  • Extra solid lid for storage after fermentation is complete

Container Dimensions: Height: 6.3" - Jar Diameter: 5.5" - Mouth Diameter: 4.3"

Fermentation Weights: Weights are ideal for whole or cut veggies. For shredded or very small pieces of cut up veggies, use multiple sets of weights, or use strips of a cabbage leaf crisscrossed over the top of the veggies and tucked down the sides of the jar. Ensure the cabbage strips are well submerged under the brine.

*Note that this lid size and thread pattern is not compatible with canning jars lids.