Horno Oven Incense Holder

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The horno oven is a round clay oven originally found in the pueblos of Native American tribes throughout the Southwest.  This incense burner is a miniature version of the traditional horno oven, crafted by hand, using natural New Mexico clay.  Included is a pack of natural wood, pinon incense, which is a common fragrance coming from the fireplaces of the Zuni, Ute, Navajo, and Hopi tribes, and evokes the warm, welcoming feeling of the campfire.  It's a great gift, or unique addition, to warm up your home!

Directions:  This natural wood incense brick is much like a small piece of firewood: 

  1. First remove an incense brick from the box and hold the tip over a continuous flame.
  2. Occasionally fan or blow air over incense until a glowing ember forms.
  3. Place the smoking brick upright, and inside of the oven, and enjoy!