Jalapeño Pepper

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This iconic chile pepper produces hearty yields of green fruits that grow spicier as they ripen red. A must-have kitchen staple for those who like a little heat.

  • Easy to grow
  • Type: Annual
  • Species: Capsicum annuum
  • 1 Packet: 0.25 grams, appx. 40 seeds
  • Season: Summer

About the AGTOS source:

All Good Things Organic Seeds offers certified organic, non-GMO vegetable, flower and herb seeds, including improved rare and heirloom varieties sourced directly from our farm in Ojai, California. They are stewards of the organic food movement. Their mission: "To propagate plant biodiversity. We steward hundreds of plant species at Mano Farm in Ojai, California and offer their seeds to our customers. Many of these varieties are hard to find anywhere, let alone in certified organic form. To improve existing open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties for better performance in organic farming and gardening contexts."