Palm Fiber Brush - Soft

TS615 MFG #: TS615
$16.00 / EACH
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- This brush is the softest version available, but remember the palm fibers are stiff. If you are planning to use this brush on your skin, we've tried it out, and this brush is definitely great for that purpose. If your skin is super sensitive, it may make your skin irritated.

- This brush fits nicely into your hand, and it's a nice size for scrubbing dishes or cleaning vegetables.

About Kamenoko Tawashi:

Kamenoko Tawashi products have been made the same way since 1907 when they were created by Mr. Nishio Shouzaemon in Tokyo, Japan. The same woven palm fibers are still being used to this day.

These durable biodegradable brushes are a Japanese household staple. They can be used in the shower as scrubbing tools or in the kitchen to clean dishes and cookware.

Kamenoko means small-turtle and Tawashi means scrubber in Japanese. The name is in reference to its shape, and its connection to water and longevity. For over 100 years, Kamenoko has been committed to making high-quality brushes which have become the industry standard in cleaning products.