Sage Smudge Bundle

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Sage is an herb native to the American Southwest that is burnt as an incense for its fragrance, and used in ceremonial purification rituals.  The use of white sage extends back as far as humans have lived in the Southwest US.  For centuries, Native American tribes, including the Chumash of Southern California, have used sage as a ceremonial herb for spiritual cleansing. 

Each kit contains one (1) bundle of White, Blue and Desert Sage varieties, in a green jute bag. 

Directions: A bundle should be lit and allowed to smolder, similar to incense, allowing the fragrant smoke to wander.  In a traditional smudging ceremony, sage is often burned and ‘smudged’ against a bowl, plate or even a shell (ex. abalone shell), and is gently waved towards the body with the hands.   

Country of Origin: USA

Botanical Names:

  • White Sage:  Salvia apiana Jep.
  • Blue Sage: Salvia pachyphylla Epling ex Munz
  • Desert Sage: Salvia eremostachya Jep.

Other Common Names:

  • White Sage:  Bee Sage, Sacred Sage
  • Blue Sage: Mountain Desert Sage
  • Desert Sage: Rose Sage, Sand Sage