Artemis At Dawn Scented Balm

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Fat and the Moon’s Artemis at Dawn Scented Balm has a peppery, earthy, rosy fragrance, blended by hand to have an energetic and active vibe.  The scented balms are completely natural, using organic plant extracts and essential oils to compose amazing scents, and blended into pure beeswax to capture and hold the fragrance to your skin.

About Fat and the Moon:

  • Fat and the Moon is truly a 100% natural brand; hand-crafted and deeply connected with the ingredients they source. 
  • Fat and the Moon is completely free of toxic chemicals, instead using healing and nutritive ingredients, including organic herbs and essential oils. 
  • Fat and the Moon uses pure beeswax and organic oils, which make fantastic natural balms and salves, and naturally healing, moisturizing and protective.

Ingredients: sunflower oil*, beeswax, essential oils of patchouli*, rose geranium*, black pepper*


Size: 0.5 fl oz