Poinsettia Waxed Planter Grow Kit

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All-inclusive Amaranthus Poinsettia indoor grow kit packaged in a wax-coated and water-tight recycled paper tube planter. A holiday favorite, this plant features an incredible range of foliage colors perfectly complimented by brilliant red-orange foliage blooms. Kit includes two wicking grow mediums that are strategically layered to provide plants with the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen.


  • Non-GMO Seeds
  • Wax-Coated and Water-Tight Recycled Kraft Planter
  • Plant Food
  • Recycled Glass Growing Medium
  • Coco Pith Disk
  • Activated Carbon
  • Simple Instructions


Consider the time of year and your region’s climate before starting this kit. Poinsettias thrives in temps between 65°-80°F and with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight (an unobstructed south or west-facing window is best). Starting in Mar-Sept will provide longer days and thus optimal light. If starting during cooler months, it’s recommended that you supplement natural light with a grow light (fluorescent or LED).

Sprout time: 10-15 days. Foliage blooms are triggered by summer heat and will last until winter.

Made in the USA. Specs: 5" x 4"