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Coconut Aminos | Organic - 5 Gallon




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  •  Alternative to Soy Sauce: Coconut Aminos have a good balance of rich flavor; definitely not as salty as soy sauce, but still have a delicious, deep flavor, lower in sodium alternative to soy sauce.
  • Adds Flavor: Coconut Aminos is a delicious soya sauce alternative that you can use in salad dressing, marinades, salutes, or to sprinkle on sushi. It is made with coconut tree sap and not coconuts, so it does not have a coconuts flavor
  •  Pure Ingredients - The Premium taste, the soy-free tangy-sweet flavor of our Original Coconut Aminos liquid sauce is achieved with just two ingredients: coconut tree sap and sea salt
  •   Ideal Choice: Perfect size for restaurants, Caterers with vegan & paleo dishes Like Fried Rice, Sesame-garlic chicken, dumplings as well as sushi bars looking to offer a healthier.Alternative 
  • ABOUT US - We are an importer and wholesaler of Raw and Organic Superfoods and Supplements, we have over 150 Superfoods to chose from, Buy Direct and Save. We are committed to bringing you local and sustainably sourced products where ever possible.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Aminos

Origin: Philippines