Popped Quinoa

snap, crackle and pop - quinoa style!

Roasted Almonds

Use these in your favorite recipe or eat them by the handful, we do both!

Fizzy/Delicious Probiotics

Fizzy, tart and loaded with probiotics!

Sweet Potato Gratin

Fresh ingredients are key here, use those herbs in your garden!

Dutch Baby/Popovers

Delicious, light, airy and crazy easy to make. Not much more you can ask for. 

Cacao Chunk Cookies

A classic cookie with chopped cacao paste and a sprinkle of flaky salt!

Cashew Butter Cookies

We switched up a classic with some cashew butter and we're wishing we did it sooner.

Cashew Butter

Blend up this creamy goodness and spread it on everything, or just eat it by the spoonful... Did we mention it's super easy?

Spinach + Turmeric Smoothie

Quick and efficient way of getting a boat load of nutrients first thing in the morning.

Yerba Mate Soda

A bit bubbly, a bit caffeinated, a bit sweet. Yerba Mate soda is our new favorite drink.