• Ginger-Goji Chews

    Create your own Ginger Chews with a few simple ingredients. You can experiment with more flavors, too, just by adding whatever spices sound good!
  • Delicious Yerba Mate Breakfast Tea

    Yerba Mate is the perfect way to wake up if you need a little caffeine but don't want the coffee jitters. Plus, we've added a few ingredients to bump up the nutritional value, so you have a truly satisfying morning cup of tea.
  • Making Hibiscus Ginger Tea

    Hibiscus + Ginger work together nicely to create a tea that anyone will love. You don't even need to sweeten it if you're watching your sugar intake (it's that good). More perks: it's high in Vitamin C and adding minerals to it makes this tea functional, as well as a tasty treat.
  • Coconut Oil & Its Many Uses

    Earth Shift's coconut oil contains MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), is high in lauric acid, and contains no chemicals or preservatives. We use it all over the place- the kitchen as a cooking oil... the bathroom as a moisturizer!
  • All Natural Bath & Body

    Stock your bathroom with the best bath and body products around. From toothpaste to body wash to clean makeup products... we've got it all.