Free Shipping On Orders Over $50.00

Eligible Returns

Returns MUST be authorized by an Earth Shift team member before the item is shipped back to us. If you do not have authorization before returning something, you risk having your return denied. An Earth Shift member will give you a specific RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number when you contact us about returning an item. This RMA number must be written on the outside of your return box. If you do not contact us and get an RMA number, you will not be eligible to make a return. Date Range for Returns Customers may return unused and unopened products within 30 days of the original receipt date if it has been determined to be defective or shipped incorrectly. There will be no refunds given unless it has been determined that the product is legitimately defective or shipped incorrectly. Since everyone's tastes are different, we cannot guarantee product taste. We are in the business of providing functional foods that deliver maximum nutrition and health benefits but do strive toward palatable flavors. We cannot guarantee that a product's taste will be to your liking. No refund will be issued due to flavor issues, or change of mind, once a customer has considered and purchased a product. Returning Items Due to Allergic Reactions Please make sure that you are aware of all ingredients in the items you are interested in before purchasing. Earth Shift can not be held responsible for reimbursement of product that has caused an allergic reaction. Refusals If a package is refused by the Customer at time of delivery, the Customer will be held responsible for paying a 20% restocking fee. We encourage Customers to contact us instead of refusing a shipment. We will not accept returned product because the Customer does not want to pay duties/taxes on their order. It is the Customer's responsibility to understand the amount of money they owe at time of delivery.

Damaged Product

Customers must notify Earth Shift customer support of damaged items within 72 hours of the package being delivered. We will not honor refunds for items that are accidentally sliced open by the customer when they are opening the box.

Lost, Stolen, & Undeliverables Shipments

Earth Shift Products is not responsible for shipments that are delivered to the wrong address due to Customer error. Earth Shift Products is not responsible for shipments that are lost in transit or delivered to a residence and then stolen or unaccounted for. It is the Customer’s responsibility to pay for shipping costs if a shipment is returned to our warehouse because it is undeliverable (you can also choose to be refunded in the amount of your order, less any shipping costs). UPS Ground always provides tracking information, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to keep an eye on their shipment and maintain awareness in case of a mishap of any kind. Remember- it is always best to inform our Customer Service team ASAP of any mishap so we can straighten out the issue and come to a resolution. The longer a Customer waits to deal with a shipping error (their own or ours), the longer it will take to right the situation. Please be sure to read our Returns Policy as well.