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Agave Syrup Light | Organic | Kosher - 1 Gallon




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  • The high altitude mineral-rich soils in Mexico are home to our blue ahabe plants. When the plants have matured, the sap is centrifugally extracted and double filtered at low temperatures, without the use of chemical, to preserve the natural integrity.
  • Blue agave plants are specific to central Mexico where they are grown and harvested year-round. The plant is slow-growing and spreads runners from the mother plant. Some runners are cultivated for nectar and others are planted to become new mother plants. The plant is grown anywhere from 5-7 years until the carbohydrates are concentrated in the core known as the "pina."
  • After years of growing the plant stands several feet tall and its pina is ready to harvest. The plant is trimmed with a simple razor blade and the trimmings are left behind in the fields to restore soil and reduce erosion. When the pina is free of it's leaves it is pressed and the juice is collected and cleaned.
  • Agave juice is cooked or hydrolyzed and turns the juice into a sweet nectar. Each batch of juice is heated turning Inulin into fructose and thickening from liquid to syrup. When the process is complete the syrup is filtered which determines the final flavor and color. Lighter clear agave is more filtered than its dark amber counterpart which has more plant solids that contribute to its color.
  • Mexico covers around two million square miles of southern North America. The climate is divided into temperate and tropical zones by the Tropic of Cancer where the northern areas experience cooler winters and the southern areas experience fairly consistent weather year-round.

Origin:  Mexico

Weight: 1 Gallon