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Ionic Earth Minerals Magnesium Supplement - 4 fl oz




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  • Ionic Magnesium contains 95% of the Daily Value of Magnesium per serving, plus over 72 ionic trace minerals.
  • Magnesium is required for cellular energy and may aid in:
  • Nerve conduction and muscle contraction*
  • Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism*
  • Heart and circulatory health*
Ingredients: High magnesium low sodium concentrates from ionic sea minerals found in The Great Salt Lake, inland sea.

Origin: USA

    Earth Circle Organics Ionic Magnesium Benefits

    • Contains 95% of the Daily Value of Magnesium per serving
    • Includes over 72 ionic trace minerals
    • Supports cellular energy production
    • Aids in nerve conduction and muscle contraction
    • Assists in fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism
    • Promotes heart and circulatory health